At Cottage Quilting & Sewing Machine center we are proud to offer Edge to Edge quilting with our Innov M24 long arm and computer system.  We offer a selection of hundreds of quilting designs to choose from and are happy to download specific requests.  We are able to embroider labels direct to your quilt back at the time of quilting as well if you require it.

Our Quilting department is open  Monday through Saturday 10am-5pm. Quilts may be dropped off and picked up during regular business hours. 
If you are from out of town, you are welcome to mail in your quilts and we will add them to the queue accordingly and return them to you.

Quilts will be created in the order they are received in a first come first serve basis. Quilting times vary depending on how many quilts are currently being long armed.

Please read here for:

  1. cost information
  2. mail in quilt top information
  3. prepping your quilt

To discuss your quilting needs, please see us in store or contact us via email.