Don't live in Kelowna?   Don't have someone in your area that can quilt your quilt for you?   No problem!  At Cottage Quilting we are operating our Innova M24 daily and can help you!  You can mail us your quilt top and we'll get it completed for you!  We can even add a Quilt Label for you!

What is Quilt by Mail?  

Quilt by Mail is an easy way to have your quilt tops quilted! 
Step 1. Make a quilt top. 
Step 2. Fill out our online In Take Form.
Step 3. Mail your top to us and we send it back quilted and trimmed. 


We will call you or can send you an invoice with your exact costs once your quilt top is completed and ready for return shipment. 

Please contact us if you have any issues and we will be happy to help! 

YES!  We pay for shipping from our Store for any Quilting order over $300 within Canada!  Why?  We think you and your quilts are awesome! 

Have questions? Please call us in store or contact us.