We appreciate our customers near and far.  We want to reward you for shopping with us and referring us to your friends.  Here are how you can earn more and the best thing?  It won't cost you a membership fee!  We're doing this because we appreciate you!

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Earn Cottage Cash - $25 Gift Card
When you refer a friend to Cottage Quilting and they buy a sewing machine, YOU earn a $25 Gift Card.  Make sure your friends tell us who sent them!

Earn Quilting Cash - $100 Off your 10th Long Arm Quilting Service
When you trust us with your long arm quilting, we want you to know we appreciate it!   Bring in, or mail in your quilt tops to us and you'll earn $100 off your 10th quilting service.

Cottage Cash Rewards - this rewards you for so much and we have zero cost ways to earn too! 

Ways to earn more Cottage Cash Rewards!

We wanted to IMPROVE our existing “smile” reward program and give you MORE Cottage Cash!




$1 spent = 10 Cottage Cash

In Store

FREE Sign up = 100 Cottage Cash

$20 Coupon = 4000 Cottage Cash

Like us on Facebook = 500 Cottage Cash

$50 Coupon = 10,000 Cottage Cash

Like us on Instagram = 500 Cottage Cash


Share on Social Media = 250 Cottage Cash


Product review = 1000 Cottage Cash

$5 Coupon = 1000 Cottage Cash

 Happy Birthday = 2000 Cottage Cash!

$10 Coupon = 2000 Cottage Cash


$20 Coupon = 4000 Cottage Cash


$50 Coupon = 10,000 Cottage Cash


FREE SHIPPING = 2500 Cottage Cash (max $25)

You must have an account to earn these smile -->>  REGISTER HERE!