Long arm service and repair

At Cottage Quilting, we believe that regular maintenance and upkeep will ensure years of uninterrupted quilting. Beautiful stitches are the result of many different functions all working perfectly together. You can keep your machine this way with a few easy steps.

  1. Oil: Machines made of iron, steel and aluminum require oil to keep them running. Gammill's should be oiled every 8-10 hours or after a full days use. Oiling at the end of the day will allow the oil to penetrate the machine over night and will always be ready to quilt when you are. Follow the manual for proper oil amounts. 
  2. Needles: Change the needle as required. Possible every 1-2 quilts. This will ensure the needle and hook work together to provide the best possible stitch. Some needles may last longer, but as a practice, it is best to change it regularly. 
  3. Service Appointments: Recommended service schedule is every 500 quilts of 5 years. Some machines run considerably longer than this, but a best practice to ensure no down time would be no longer than 5 years. 
  4. Emergency Service: Emergency service is available to customers in order to get your machine back up and running. We carry most parts in stock, and can have special parts ordered in within 2-3 business days. It should be noted not every situation is an emergency. 
  5. Maintenance Kit: It is imperative that you keep a store of low cost, regular maintenance parts in stock in order to minimize the down time. Some items include:
  • Extra Bobbin Case
  • Red and Black Handle Bar Buttons
  • Check Spring Assembly
  • Cone Springs
  • Timing Device
The following is our service and maintenance pricing:

Regular Maintenance - $449 plus parts, plus $0.61 per KM round trip, plus parts and tax. + ferry if required
Our regular maintenance includes a full review of your machine to identify areas of improvement, areas of potential weakness, and areas needing immediate attention. Our usual service appointment can take up to 3 hours. Appointments require additional time may incur additional costs. This appointment will be scheduled in our regular course of service and maintenance trips.

Hourly Service - $140 per hour plus parts, plus $0.61 per KM round trip, plus parts and tax. + ferry if required
Usually reserved for specific work such as replacing individual parts. This appointment will be scheduled as a course of our regular maintenance road trips. Not normally used for work needing immediate attention. 

Emergency Service - $190 per hour on site, plus $0.61 per KM round trip, plus parts and tax. + ferry if required
The least cost effective but fastest way to repair your machine should it need immediate attention. We will schedule at our earliest availability an onsite call which will allow us assess and complete service work on your machine allowing your business to continue as soon as possible. 

Drop Off Service - $130 per hour plus parts and tax.
Customer wishing to drop their machine off may do so. Issues with the machine head can be diagnosed and repaired.