Bernina Straight Stitch Plate - Sewing Machine

SKU: 003098.70.01

Sale price$99.99


The straight stitch needle plate is a professional tool for straight stitch projects. It guarantees precise stitch formation when sewing using straight stitch, thus ensuring clean, attractive sewing results.  


Due to its excellent stabilization and guidance of the material, it is also suitable for various embroidery techniques as well as other demanding sewing projects, such as patchwork. 


The CutWork/PaintWork/CrystalWork straight stitch needle plate is a professional tool for cutting straight lines cleanly and precisely. It is also suitable for straight stitch jobs, both large and small. It guarantees precise stitch formation when straight stitching, ensuring clean, attractive sewing work. 


The product images can have minimal deviations, depending on the machine model. 


Straight MM  1000-1530 006857.70.00
Straight   1630 003098.70.01
Straight   130 - 170 033339.71.03
Straight   125/135/145 033339.71.04
Straight   180/185/200/730 033339.71.02
Straight Stitch Plate b77 b79 502020.93.14
Cutwork  180/185/200/730 033371.72.04
Straight/CutWork/Punchtool    210-240/3 series/430/440/530/550/570/630 033339.72.00
Straight/CutWork    450/580/560/640 033339.73.13
Straight Stitch Plate, B700 & 500 034019.70.09
Straight/Cutwork Stitch Plate  720/535/475/435 033339.70.14
Straight/CutWork    7 series (710/750/780, 740/770/790, BNG 570/590 & 480) 033339.71.07
Straight/CutWork    8 series (820/830/880) 034914.70.00

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