Bernina Embroidery Hoop Templates

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The embroidery hoop is an indispensable tool for creating detailed embroidery patterns. Precise positioning of the embroidery project inside the embroidery hoop. Simple and also complicated embroidery projects can thus be created in a flash.

Some BERNINA embroidery hoops come with two templates, one orange and one purple.

The difference between the colors has to do with the width of the freearm on the machine.

Models with a stainless steel arm have a different width than models with a white arm, which creates a different hoop center.

The list below indicates which BERNINA models use the orange or purple template:

Orange Template: • artista 630, 635, 640 • aurora 430, 435, 440, 450 • B 560, B 580

Purple (violet) Template: • artista 185 • artista 200, 730 • B 750 QE, B 780 • B 830, B 880


  • On an older Mega Hoop template, the BERNINA logo will appear in orange or purple. On a current Mega Hoop, the template will have a line drawing of the #26 foot in either orange or purple, and the BERNINA logo will be red.
  • The Small Hoop may be used two ways: with a freearm adapter and without. Used without the freearm adapter (purple template), the small hoop provides the smallest possible embroidery field ensuring stability for tiny items. When used with the freearm adapter, the red template is used.
  • The freearm adapter for the Small Hoop is not necessary on the 7 Series and 8 Series models as these machines have freearm embroidery built-in; simply remove the tray table from the embroidery module to achieve freearm embroidery.
  • The artista 165, 170, and 180 models use older style hoops, which have only one template.
  • The Jumbo Hoop comes with a single template for use with the 8 Series. An optional 7 Series template is also available for separate purchase.
  • The Maxi Hoop comes with a single template for use with both the 7 Series and 8 Series models.

* Template only - hoops not included, The product images can have minimal deviations, depending on the machine model. 

*special order product please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery

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