TN-30G LED light


Sale price$79.99


The TN-30G led light uses 30 independent led lights to blanket the area with up to 400 lumens of light.  The C clamp allows the operator to light to be fixed to any table up to 4cm thick.  Because it is an LED light, the life expectance is 20,000 hrs with low height and high CRI and brightness.
The lamp comes with (2) acrylic covers.  One that is opaque that will defuse some of the light and one that is clear to allow all the light to come through.
The on/off switch is used to turn the light on and off and to control the brightness through the (3) settings of light. 

  • Technical Specs

    • Input Voltage: AC 110-250V  
    • Output: DC15V  300mA    
    • Power: 5W
    • Frequency:50/60Hz
    • Luminance: 300LM (Lux is 400 when the height to working desk is 50CM).
    • LED: 30PCS SMD 2835, high CRI and brightness.

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