Welcome to our Mystery Quilt starting Sept 2024-Feb 2025 

When you sign up for class 1 you will in included in the entire series of classes.



What is a Mystery Quilt?

It is a quilt pattern that is revealed over time. Each month you will receive instructions to make part of your quilt. The parts will be combined over time to create a marvelous quilt!

What you need to know :

  • The Mystery Quilt Program is a one time fee of $75 for the 6 monthly session and pattern
  • Clue Days/Instructional dates will be Thursdays from 10:30am-12:30pm, they may not run the full two hours, and you are welcome to just come grab your pattern and go if you wish.  We do encourage you to stay, have fun and get all the instructions
  • Your finished Quilt will be: 70" x 70" without optional border, can add border to make larger
  • This quilt is made with traditional piecing, so you will only need your basic sewing supplies
  • Color choices should reflect around the rainbow, think reds, oranges, yellows, greens, blues, purples etc.  If you pick the fabric you will love your quilt.
    • We will make up kits, the price is not known yet but will be an option if you do not want to pick fabric

What happens if I don't live here can I participate?

YES - we will mail your patterns to you, we will mail them snail mail or email them to you, email preferred.

Can I join part way through?

YES - you can get the block patterns up until the current moment to get caught up.   No registration will be accepted after the 1/2 way mark (otherwise it's not a mystery anymore right?!)


Thursdays 10:30am-12;30pm

Sept 19, Oct 17, Nov 21, Dec 12, Jan 16 and Feb 20

Cost: $75 includes monthly clues/directions and demos, you do not need to bring sewing supplies to these sessions, just yoursself.


  • To be updated


June Hoiland