Red Snapper Lift


Sale price$59.99


This is an acrylic tool to slip over the throat of you INNOVA longarm. It raises the height of the throat so that the lip between the throat and the needle plate are the same height.?

If you ever feel like the machine "bumps" into the Red Snapper at the top edge of the quilt....this tool is for you! This tool works without the extended ruler base to raise the throat level. If you have the extended ruler plate on the machine, just slip an extra 1/4" ruler under it to raise the level of the throat to be equal to the extended base. The lift slips on and off without any tools.? You can slide it wherever you need it to be to eliminate the "bump"

This acrylic lift will work with any size CLASSIC Innova from the 18" to the 32".

**This is not designed to work with the Innova M Series!

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