Q'nique Standalone Glide Foot

SKU: 01-15562

Sale price$99.99


Experience the unmatched quilting capabilities of the Q'nique Standalone Glide Foot. With its specially designed mechanism and ultra-smooth gliding system, you can effortlessly free motion quilt over seams and stitches with the utmost precision and without ever catching or snagging. Enjoy a luxurious quilting experience every time, no matter how intricate your designs.

Popular glide foot for free motion quilting now available as an individual foot. 

NOTE: if you have a Q'nique 19 or 21 that were purchased PRIOR to 2021 please add the additional collar so we can ensure your foot fit accordingly (this is applicable to 19's and 21's only that are aged prior to 2021)  You must have the FOOT and the COLLAR in your cart.

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