Q'nique Quilt Perfect Ruler Kit

SKU: 01-15297

Sale price$299.99


Discover the ultimate quilting kit with the Q'nique Quilt Perfect Ruler Kit. This premium set includes 3 innovative hopping feet and a 3x 8” TrueCut ruler for unparalleled accuracy when ruler quilting. Achieve quilting perfection with this luxury kit.

Precision Foot

  • Improves accuracy
  • Great for identifying a stopping point

Rolling Foot

  • Reduces friction
  • Allows machine to glide easier along the ruler

TrueTrack Foot

  • Locks onto ruler track for precise straight lines
  • Helps to keep the foot against the ruler

Any quilter will find this kit extremely helpful, whether they're beginners or seasoned pros. The included hopping feet are unlike anything else out there, and they will make perfect quilting a possibility for anyone.

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