Omnigrip Hexagon Ruler 3 x 16

SKU: RN316

Sale price$21.99


Perfect for designing Millefiori quilts (an extremely hot new trend!), the Hexagon ruler is specially designed with a 60° angle and patented double-site lines that show up clearly on both light and dark fabrics! It is also marked for both left and right handed use for extra convenience. 
  • Includes 60° angle
  • Easy to read cutting direction on ruler
  • Clean, clear markings
  • Patented double-site lines that show up on light and dark fabrics
  • Marked for left and right handed use
Hexagon Ruler Uses
  • Use when designing Millefiori quilts (this is a hot new trend!).
  • Creates 60° equilateral triangles.
  • Great for smaller work and miniatures.
  • Easily cut diamonds.
  • Easily cut hexagons (size ½" to 13").
  • Perfect for paper piecing.

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