Long Arm Service & Maintenance


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Regular Maintenance - $449 plus parts and tax. (includes mileage)Our regular maintenance includes a full review of your machine to identify areas of improvement, areas of potential weakness, and areas needing immediate attention. Our usual service appointment can take up to 3 hours. Appointments require additional time may incur additional costs. This appointment will be scheduled in our regular course of service and maintenance trips.

Long Arm Hourly Service - $120 per hour plus parts and tax
Usually reserved for specific work such as replacing individual parts. This appointment will be scheduled as a course of our regular maintenance road trips. Not normally used for work needing immediate attention.  Mileage not included and may be extra

Emergency Service - $140 per hour on site, $.59 per KM round trip, plus parts and tax.
The least cost effective but fastest way to repair your machine should it need immediate attention. We will schedule at our earliest availability an onsite call which will allow us assess and complete service work on your machine allowing your business to continue as soon as possible. 

Please refer to our Booking Page to book your appointmment,

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