Innova Autopilot Mach 3

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The fastest, most accurate, & most reliable Computerized Quilting System on the Market.

Increase your productivity and release your creativity with AutoPilot® Mach 3 ™. Our robotics systems acceptABM proprietary .pat, certain .dxf file types, and encrypted files.

Utilize the easy Edge to Edge feature or implement the many tools available to create a truly original masterpiece. The AutoPilot® Mach 3 has a high number of convenience features designed for the serious custom quilter as well as the increased productivity needed to make this great pastime a profitable business.  Building on the INNOVA’s ability to sew 3000 stitches per minute, the maximum travel speed is 15 inches per second with an average travel speed of 8 inches per second.

The AutoPilot® Mach 3 operates under true servo control, the same as found on our large format industrial quilting machines. Our robotics system controls the speed of the sew head and carriage. Through a complex mathematical program, AutoPilot® actually looks ahead at the pattern path being sewn, calculates its position and maximizes its speed to maintain accurate stitches per inch and pattern quality. ABM International has been manufacturing computerized quilting machines since the1980’s and has proven the AutoPilot® system to be both reliable and efficient. INNOVA truly is BUILT TO QUILT!

INNOVA's premiere computerized quilting system sets the benchmark for the industry and is technologically more advanced than any other system on the market.

Key features include but are not limited to:
• Dell All-In-One touch-screen computer
• 3-axis servo controller
• AC servo motors• Hi-flex cables
• Over 600 patterns
• Compatible with all INNOVA Quilting Machines
• Resize, Rotate, Flip, Mirror
• Repeat
• Record
• Grand Format Embroidery compatible (GFE)
• User-friendly interface• Mask• Echo, Ripple, Spiral
• Boundary
• Align
• Auto Fit (point to point)
• Edge to Edge
• Morph
• Wreath
• Trim, Divide, Segment
• Draw
• Join
• Crosshatch
• End Snap
• Background Image
• Push Pins
• Reverse Sew
• Power Assist
• Channel Lock
• Tension Check compatible
• Preview
• Set Order
• Thread Break Recovery

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