Heat Press Batting Together Tape


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HEAT Press Batting Together: cloth tape that will fuse two edges of batting together. It’s soft, it is thin, it stretches, it is needle easy for hand or machine quilting.

Used to fuse batting-fabric together to fit a specific size, to enlarge or reinforce. Will allow batting edges to be fused together with a soft fuse that stretches, eliminating the old pinning and stitching of extra batting pieces needed to fit a specific project. The product can be used on any batting fabric content.

  •      Quilting
  •     Reinforcement for stretch fabric
  •     Backing for stretch fabric
  •     Patch for stretch fabric
  •     100% Made in the USA

 Directions for using HEAT Press Batting Together:

  •     Iron Settings are Most Important when applying tape. Irons with Teflon plates can use low cotton to fuse tape. Irons without a Teflon plate use the new instructions below.
  •     Test your iron with tape and batting.
  • * 100% polyester batting... low setting (high synthetic) and use and up and down motion until the glue is set. You can use a low shot of steam to finish the fusible process holding the iron above the tape.
  •  Test all synthetic mixed battings ~ usually a wool setting works well.

You may find that the batting looks flat after application but when it cools the batting is fluffy again. With a large quilt batting 93" and adding more width, I use weights on either side of the batting to hold it in place.

  •     Use and up and down motion with the iron as you place the tape for the first time on the batting edges.
  •     When the tape is set in place then apply heat and you may use a little light steam to completely melt the glue backing.
  •    You will find that the tape is soft, flexible, stretches and is easy needle ready for either hand quilting or machine quilting.
  •     It’s FAST and EASY

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