Get Moving with BERNINA Feet - 2 - Virtual


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BERNINA feet are where the machine meets fabric, and where true sewing magic happens. Over three sessions, BERNINA Educator, Adrienne Gallagher, shows you how to unleash creative options through your sewing machine feet. Each foot has its original purpose, but many feet have hidden uses and talents.

You won’t want to miss any of these fun lectures full of inspiring samples and free patterns to share. Let Adrienne share her knowledge, techniques, and best-held secrets so you can

Get moving with BERNINA Feet
Lesson 2 – Accelerate Your Quilting
Adrienne demonstrates BERNINA feet for patchwork, quilting with feed dogs, free-motion quilting and ruler work. Learn to use your BERNINA Stitch Regulator, and other easy ways to get your quilting done. Your quilting is sure to be taken to the next gear with this information.

What you'll learn about:

  • Bernina #23 Applique Foot
  • Bernina #24 Freehand Embroidery Foot
  • Bernina #29/C Quilting Foot
  • Bernina #37/D Patchwork Foot
  • Bernina #57/D Patchwork with Guide Foot
  • Bernina #97/D Patchwork Dual Feed Foot
  • Bernina #42 Stitch Regulator
  • Bernina #44C Echo Quilting Foot
  • Bernina #55 Leather Roller Foot
  • Bernina #72 Ruler Work Foot
  • Bernina #73 Adjustable Stippling Foot
  • Bernina #74 Adjustable Gliding Foot
  • Bernina Echo Clips
  • Bernina Couching Inserts
  • Bernina Ruler work Kit for sitdown
  • Bernina Ruler work Kit for frame

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