Florentine Bargello Quilt - Zoom Class 1


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Welcome to Florentine Bargello Quilt) (6 Hours)

NOTE you will be attending TWO CLASSES - only Register for the Class dates Nov 22nd and you will automatically be enrolled on the 2nd class Nov 29th.

CLASS 1 - 10am-12pm Nov 22nd
CLASS 2 - 10am-2pm Nov 29th

Create this appealing Bargello Quilt which can be made in various sizes from a bed runner to a large quilt. This pattern is created by using the cut, sew, cut again, and sew method similar to a regular Bargello quilt. Once you’ve made one you can create endless designs using the same technique. – ALL LEVELS

Making the quilt: 

info to follow

    Making the quilt: 

    info to follow


    Melissa Marginet
    Website: www.melissamarginet.ca
    Instagram: @melissamarginet
    Facebook: Melissa Marginet – Quilter

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