Famore 5" Curved Forcep

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Curved Hemostat Clamps
(locking, Curved Forceps/Clamps) 

Hemostats are highly recommended among quilters:
Famore Lockable Hemostat Clamps (Curved) are a surprisingly handy instrument with many useful sewing purposes. 

Lockable Clamps gives you an extra hand:

  • Famore hemostat is particularly great as an alternative to a bodkin for turning a tube of fabric when making straps or belts.
  • These 5.5-inch Curved hemostats are used as lockable turning forceps with a serrated edge, 


Perfect for gripping the fabric without making it rip of fray.

  • Great tool for turning or stuffing, the curved tips allow you to get into hard to get corners.
  • Ideal for turning sewing projects right-side out, as well as stuffing projects
  • Locking hemostats are also great for turning collars


Once you've used our Hemostats you'll wonder how you managed without them!

Stainless Steel and easy to keep clean. 

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