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Welcome to Custom Edge to Edge Walking Foot Quilting (6 Hours)

Do you dislike burying threads? By quilting from edge to edge you will not have to bury any threads (unless your bobbin runs out or your thread breaks). But just because you are quilting from edge to edge, doesn’t mean you are limited to a boring quilt design or following the same pattern throughout the quilt.

Join me in this class where you will be quilting a simple pixel quilt by using my Custom Edge-to- Edge Walking Foot Quilting technique to quilt your pixel quilt.


You can arrange your fabrics as in the example above or come up with your own.
Solid fabrics are recommended.

  •  10-pixel x 10-pixel quilt (sandwiched and ready to quilt). Instructions are attached for the Heart quilt on the front of my book. Several other ideas are also included, as well as a blank template where you can transfer the chosen design or design your own. All of the designs included require .5m of three different fabrics. 
  • Printout of the template provided. *will be emailed to you at time of registration
  • Sewing machine (in good working order) and basic sewing supplies, ie. scissors, seam ripper, pins, hand sewing needles.
  • Extension table if you have one.
  • Walking foot if you have one. Open toe foot if you have one.
  • Machine needles (your preferred needles in an appropriate size for your thread)
  • Your favourite fabric marking pens or pencils. 
  • “Edge-to-Edge Walking Foot Quilting Designs”
  • PLEASE DOWNLOAD this attachment

Thread Weight

  • You can use 40wt or 50wt thread with in the top with 40wt, 50wt, or 80wt in the bobbin.
  • I often use 12wt thread to quilt my quilts. If you choose to use 12wt thread, you will need a 300-400 metre spool. Your bobbin should be filled with matching thread in 40wt, 50wt, or 80wt. Ensure you purchase needles in the appropriate size for 12wt thread.
  • You could also use 28wt or 30wt thread in the top with 40wt, 50wt, or 80wt in the bobbin.

Thread Color

  • I like to use thread in the same colour as my background fabric. For the cover of my book I used light grey from the background of the heart quilt. You may also use a colour that contrasts with all the colours. Looking at the colour wheel I might choose orange or yellow


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