Brother - SAVRWUGK1 - Stellaire Machine Upgrade Kit from XE1/XJ1 to XE2/XJ2


Sale price$1,099.99


Transform your Brother Stellaire into a state-of-the-art machine with the SAVRWUGK1 Software Upgrade Kit XJ1! This kit offers all the bells and whistles of the Stellaire 2 series, like 2-point laser positioning, matrix copy, and 40 new couching designs. You'll also get a massive 7”x12” magnetic hoop that makes doing edge-to-edge quilting a breeze and 50 fresh embroidery designs. Upgrade and level up!

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Kit Features:

  • Couching Embroidery Foot
  • 7" x 12" Magnetic Frame
  • 2-Point Embroidery Positioning
  • Quilt Patterns
  • Couching Patterns
  • Crochet and Lace Patterns
  • Matrix Copy for Embroidery
  • Stitch Tapering Function for XJ1
  • My Stitch Monitor Capability
  • 15 Additional IQ Designer Decorative Fill Designs
  • 12 New IQ Designer Line Motifs
  • 2 More Embroidery Fonts
  • 1 New Monogramming Font
  • 50 new embroidery patterns
  • 40 new yarn couching patterns and 1 new yarn couching fount
  • New “No Sew” feature

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