Brother SAMS254 Magnetic 10" x 10" Frame


Sale price$899.99


Quilting, couching, and embroidery have never been so fun with the new 10” x 10” magnetic frame. This frame can hold thick fabrics and magnets slide into place, securing your material without residual hoop marks. Hoop in a jiffy with four magnets that quickly fit snug into place. You can also rehoop without removing it from the machine, making changes to any project much quicker! These frames are versatile and excellent for more oversized garments or items with plenty of room towards the back of the hoop.
  • Hoop with ease includes 8 magnets for a strong hold
  • Compatible with Brother machines: XP1, XP2 and XP3
    There is no need for pressure or physical force to be able to hoop the fabric. The magnets only need to be affixed while straightening out the wrinkles on the fabric. The fabric slides while retaining one small magnet each on the upper and lower side of the frame and allows parallel sliding.
    Included Accessories
    8 Magnets

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