Brother - Foot Control, Brother VX - J00360051

SKU: J00360051

Sale price$89.99


oot Control, Brother VX, XL; Viking; Babylock; Simplicity; Bernina; Riccar


With Cord (LC700/8000)
Most Models

Compatible with Machine Models:

Brother: 360 (brother)
Viking: S431
Viking: S435
Viking: S440
Brother: 451
Brother: 661
Brother: 741 (brother)
Brother: 751
Bernina: 800 (bernina)
Brother: XL851
Viking: S900 (viking)
Brother: XL1351
Brother: XL1561
Brother: 1681
Brother: XL1781
Babylock: BL6300
Brother: 7029
Brother: 524N
Viking: S234
Brother: 523N
Brother: 525N
Brother: 526
Viking: 535D
Brother: 546D
Viking: 560ED
Brother: 626D
Brother: 634D (brother)
Babylock: BL6800
Brother: 730DE
Brother: 760DE
Brother: 834DP
Brother: 934D
Brother: LS1217
Brother: LS1520
Brother: LS2125
Brother: LS2720
Brother: LS2725
Brother: LS2820
Brother: LS2825
Brother: LS2920
Brother: PS1000
Brother: PS1200
Brother: PS1250
Brother: PS1700
Brother: PS1750
Brother: PS1800
Brother: PS2200
Brother: PS2300
Brother: PS2500
Brother: RS15
Brother: RS25
Brother: RS35
Brother: VX1010
Brother: VX1020
Brother: VX1120
Brother: VX1125
Brother: VX1140
Brother: VX520
Brother: VX540
Brother: VX560
Brother: VX620
Brother: VX640
Brother: VX660
Brother: VX707
Brother: VX710
Brother: VX760
Brother: VX780
Brother: VX800
Brother: VX807
Brother: VX809
Brother: VX810
Brother: VX880
Brother: VX890
Brother: VX920
Brother: VX940
Brother: VX950
Brother: VX970
Brother: VX980
Brother: XL2010
Brother: XL2015
Brother: XL2021
Brother: XL2022
Brother: XL2025
Brother: XL2030
Brother: XL5010
Brother: XL5200
Brother: XL5232
Brother: XL5300
Brother: XL5340
Brother: XL5500
Brother: XL5600
Brother: XL5700
Brother: XL6040
Brother: XL6050
Brother: XL6060
Brother: XL6452
Brother: XL6552
Brother: XL781
Brother: XL791
Brother: XR29
Brother: XR46
Brother: XR23
Brother: XL5011
Brother: VX1100
Brother: VX1200
Brother: 681
Brother: XL5012
Brother: XL5020
Brother: XL5030
Brother: XL5060
Brother: XL5070
Brother: XL5100
Brother: XL5130
Brother: PX100
Brother: PX150
Brother: PX200
Brother: PX300
Babylock: B15
Babylock: B17
Babylock: B21
Brother: XL5021
Brother: XL5022
Brother: XL5031
Brother: XL5032
Brother: XL5050
Babylock: BL6200
Babylock: BL2100
Babylock: BL6000
Babylock: BL2150
Viking: S444
Brother: 526D
Brother: 546
Brother: 920D
Brother: PL1050
Brother: 640D
Brother: 925D
Brother: 935D
Brother: 929D
Brother: 1034D
Riccar: R3100
Simplicity: SL6220
Simplicity: SL8020
Simplicity: SL9130
Simplicity: SL9150
Simplicity: SL9240
Simplicity: SL8220
Riccar: R1934
Riccar: R1950

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