Bernina Tool Options

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Broaden your creative horizon with the BERNINA CutWork tool Creativity in three new dimensions With the CutWork tool, you can cut out forms cleanly and precisely.

Break the mold and combine your embroideries with PaintWork. You will be amazed at the gorgeous effects you can achieve – whether on garments, accessories, or quilts.

With the CrystalWork tool, forms and patterns are precisely punched out as small holes, using your BERNINA embroidery machine. This hole stencil is filled with crystals that are then extracted using adhesive film in order to be ironed on to material. The CrystalWork tool has three different punching pins that create holes with varying diameters, according to the size of the stone. This allows you to change between small, medium or large-sized stones in a single motif. Numerous CrystalWork designs are available, and you can create your own with the DesignWorks software. (Software and Activation Code sold separately.) Combine the CrystalWork tool with the PaintWork and CutWork tools for even more creative options.

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