Bernina Seam guide for Slide-on Free-Arm Table

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The Bernina Seam guide for Slide-on Free-Arm Table

The Seam guide for Slide-on free-arm table is a useful aid for precise edgestitching on wide hems and edges. Since the Slide-on free-arm table extends the work surface without affecting free-arm function, it’s ideal for sewing larger tubular or closed items such as skirt hems or bags.

The seam guide can be attached to the Slide-on free-arm table in seconds and lets you topstitch wide edges and hems effortlessly. In addition to the Seam guide for Slide-on free-arm table, BERNINA also offers special extension tables for the embroidery module as well as for quilting. Special seam guides support neat stitching with even spacing between seams, ensuring professional results.

The product images can have minimal deviations, depending on the machine model. The basic model is the same based on one of two images

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