Bernina #88 Binder Attachment (no foot) Un-folded

SKU: 033505.72.03

Sale price$422.99


Binder attachment for unfolded bias tape #88 is ideal for bias-binding fabric edges.

The unfolded tape is fed through the attached bias-tape feeder, positioned precisely on the fabric edge, and held in place securely until it is sewn.

This produces neat, even edge bindings on home furnishings, quilts, and items of clothing.

Available in three versions for tape widths of: 

  • 28 mm (scant 1-1/8”)
  • 32 mm (1-1/4”) 
  • 38 mm (scant 1-1/2”),

Binder attachment for unfolded bias tape #88 must be used with matching binder foot #95 / 95C for perfect results.

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