Bernette 2-Belt Loop Foot B42/B48

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Bernette 2-Belt Loop Foot B42/B48

The belt-loop foot is used to fold bias or straight binding, which it then quickly and easily turns into straps or belt loops with the cover- or chainstitch.

This foot will allow you to stack and sew beautifully precisely using the bottom covered (underwear) or chain stitch of the loop, for example on a trouser belt. It is possible to use a straight or oblique strip. Oblique strip for greater flexibility and adjustment. However, it is also necessary for interwoven patchwork, weaving, braiding strips on the ears, subsequent sewing of the strips created in this way as an application, ....


  1. Set the machine on the bottom covers (laundry) stitch.

  2. A 25-28 mm wide strip can be used.

  3. Lift the presser foot and attach the foot to sew the loops.

  1. To make it easier to insert the strip into the foot, cut the edge to the tip, use tweezers.

  2. Before sewing, pull the foot about 5 cm so that the tape is already nicely stacked on the exact strip under the needle.

  1. We put the heel down and sew. The fabric is only based on the foot, so there is no fabric under the foot.

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