Q'nique Quilter's Evolution Elite Rolling Frame

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SKU: QEF-01-17243

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The Quilter’s Evolution Elite-Frame represents the peak of Grace Company’s efforts in providing an elite, customizable frame quilting experience. This top-of-the-line frame is designed for quilters who are serious about their craft and are able to dedicate their time and space.

The frame’s modular design allows the customer to create a frame that perfectly fits their space and situation:
• Available for purchase in lengths of 8’, 10’, and 12’
• Optional extensions that can be used to create a 9’ or 11’ frame
• No-baste rail system; to batting and idler rail add-ons, this frame is the last one you'll ever need for your quilting
• Adjustable height for added comfort, Stand or Sit, adjustable height of 27"-35"

Included Accessories
  • bungee clamp
  • channel locks
  • leader cloth

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