Cutie Tabletop Fabric Frame

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** NOTE: this item is discontinued  and replaced with the CUTIE BREEZE

Have you ever wanted to try out quilting, but decided not to because of the commitment to everything that goes with it?

The Cutie Tabletop Fabric Frame allows you to quilt, sew, and stitch to your heart's content in a much easier way, managing your fabric for you so you can enjoy the process more. This frame fits on top of a table or desk and is compatible with most sewing machines.

Grace Company is proud to introduce you to our newest and greatest invention, the Cutie Tabletop Fabric Frame. Light and durable, the Cutie is also portable, storable, adaptable, affordable and adorable! Wow, what a mouth full. You'll love what the Cutie can do for your quilting.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • The Cutie can pair with almost any home sewing machine.
  • Any size quilting or sewing project is possible with the Cutie.
  • Easily portable and storable, your Cutie Tabletop Fabric Frame can sit happily in the closet in between projects. 
  • Your Cutie can work anywhere you find a sturdy flat surface... so take it on vacation with you!
  • Don't tell anyone, but it even has our dual-track upgrade built in... so it comes ready to handle any sewing or quilting challenge your imagination can throw at it.

We suggest adding the "Hoop Leaders" to your order as it makes loading your quilt a snap!

You can add "Cutie Legs" to your order as well!

Does not qualify for free freight, considered a frame.  Please refer to shipping policies.

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