Thangles Templates


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Thangles make half square triangles from fabric strips.  From 1/2" to 4" finished.   Big Thangles make 4.5" to 6" finished half square triangles

Thangles are paper strips marked with guides for sewing half-square triangles from strips.  The paper stabilizes the bias seams, resulting in perfect HST's.  Available in 12 finished sizes.

Thangles are sold by the finished size and that means the size AFTER the quilt is sewn together.  For example, 3” Thangles will make a half square triangle that measures 3 ½” square before it is sewn into the quilt and 3” after.  Another way to think of it is that the  unfinished size equals the finished size PLUS ½” for the seam allowances.

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