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Prices charged for quilting will vary dependent upon the size of the quilt. 

We offer a variety of edge to edge quilting at a rates, our goal is to make your quilting experience quick and painless for you.  

If you bring your Top and backing, we INCLUDE batting at no additional charge
$0.03 per sq. inch
If you bring your Top, we INCLUDE batting & backing at no additional charge
$0.04 per sq. inch

If you bring your Top, backing and batting, our system will charge you $0.03 per sq. inch but we will manually discount your services down to $0.025 
$0.025 per sq. inch
Custom Quilting varies per job and will be discussed on a case by case basis.
This includes thread, needle, oil, minor fixes/repairs, maintenance
$8 flat rate

Additional extra fees that may be charged are:
Piecing and squaring backing - $25
Fixing any open seams - $35

Optional charges:
Custom label - $25
Binding of quilt - $0.25 per square inch diameter of quilt

Please refer to our Quilting Service pages for a full break down.

We are happy to quilt your quilt no matter where you live.  If you would like to mail in your quilt top, please refer to our Mail In Service.

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