Q'nique 3/4 Piece Foot Accessory Set

SKU: 01‐11685

Sale price$224.99


The set for the Q'nique 15, 19 or 21 also comes with an additional standard hopping foot. This foot is similar to the original hopping that came with the machine, but it works with the new lock collar in this set used by the other new feet.

3-Piece Hopping Foot Set for 15 Machines

4-Piece Hopping Foot Set for 19 & Higher Machines

Set of three hopping feet and thumbscrew for the Block RockiT 15 or Q'nique machine quilter. These are the feet included with the set:

  • Ruler foot - 1/4" High Hopping foot For quilting with rulers, guides, and ruler base*
  • Open Toe Foot - Open front horseshoe shaped foot to see what you are quilting easier
  • Micro-Stippling Foot - Bare minimum surface area for hopping foot which allows you to quilt with tiny detail

These feet are made from the same aluminum your original hopping foot is made from.

*Ruler base is sold separately.


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