Patch Abilities - P319 More Peace & Joy

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Spruce up any room this holiday season with "More Peace & Joy", a festive wall hanging or table runner featuring raw edge applique. This super beginner-friendly pattern is sure to bring bright, cheerful cheer to your Christmas decor! Don't miss out on the peace and joy of the season! ;)

Project finished size: 12 x 18 in. and/or 12 x 38 in

Pattern includes:

  • Step-by-step instructions, beginner friendly, leaving no step unexplained
  • Templates you’ll love – bold, labeled, ready and easy to trace anywhere
  • Project layout guide – in color, numbered shapes aid with placement
  • Binding instructions for creating neat proper binding
  • Great Basic Tips for the basic skills required to make the project
  • Hand embroidery stitch instructions with diagrams
  • Templates for personal cutting machines – non labeled, non reversed, ready to scan and cut

Don't forget the Snowflake Hanger! It's made here in the USA of heavy duty steel.  Don't "make due" with some jimmy-rigged hanging contraption, get this hanger.

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