GO! Square on Point-4 1/16" (3 9/16" Finished) Die

SKU: 55808

Sale price$89.99


This is a GO! Qube Replacement Die for the GO! Qube Mix & Match 10" Block Set. Replacement dies for GO! Qubes are packaged in shrink wrap and are intended to replace the original die in the GO! Qube box set.


Squares on point don't have to be intimidating. With the GO! Square on Point-4 1/16" (3 9/16" Finished) die, you can quickly and easily cut perfect squares on point. You don't even need to do math or use a ruler. All you need is your AccuQuilt GO!, GO! Big, or Studio (with adapter) Fabric Cutter. The cutter makes quick work of creating a stack of squares on point that you can then add to your quilt pattern or use as a background square for small applique. Cutting with scissors or even a rotary cutter is not only time-consuming but also a strain on your hands, arms, and back. Luckily, your AccuQuilt GO! Fabric Cutter cuts cleanly through multiple fabric layers at once and does it 90% faster than using a rotary blade. This square-on-point die may be purchased separately here or can be found in the GO! Qube Mix & Match 10" Block.

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