Dritz Wash-A-Way Wonder Tape 1/4" 25 yards

SKU: DZ3411

Sale price$19.99


Dritz Wash-A-Way Wonder Tape 1/4" for its transparent double sided tape that vanishes after washing. It prevents gumming up needles when sewn through and makes stitching seams or hems a breeze. Ideal for home sewing and crafting, this package includes 10 yards of 1/4 inch tape. 

  • A double-sided transparent tape that disappears after first washing
  • Great for home sewing or crafting
  • Perfect for holding together seams or hems before stitching
  • Can be sewn through without gumming up your needle

 Note: Tape is water-soluble so it should be stored in a cool, dry place when not in use.

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