Bernina Touch Pen Stylus

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Sale price$19.99


The Touchscreen pen is a useful addition to the BERNINA sewing and embroidery computers from the 4 series up to the 8 Series. Lightly tap the touch screen on this device to operate it.

The white touch pen works on all series models. 

The silver and black touch pen ONLY works on 7 & 8 series. 


The narrow Touchscreen pen tip allows you to work precisely in the menu interface. The new, narrow shape of the Touchscreen pen also saves space in your sewing box.

Order your practical Touchscreen pen with mounting bracket now and enjoy the ease of working with the touch screen on your BERNINA device.

  • Of the touch-sensitive screen
  • Magnetic
  • For attachment on the right side of the machine
  • Screen stays clean - no fingerprints

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