Modern Blended Quilts - Barricade Quilt Pattern

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Barricade was designed to use those special larger prints that we can never resist buying only to find you don't want to cut them up into small pieces.

There are two different larger print fabrics in this quilt.  The fabrics in my cover quilt were found by my quilt buddy, Armiel, on one of her many quilt shopping tours.  You know the ones - you get a text with a picture and caption that says "How many meters am I buying for you?"  I am eternally grateful for these texts and look forward to receiving many more!

The blocks are rectangles.  When I was making the cover quilt, I had four blocks left over - I'll make a pillow!  That thought translated into an alternate layout for the quilt.

The pattern has a baby, lap and queen sized quilt for the alternate block layout above and a baby and lap sized quilt for the big block layout.

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