2 1/2" Glow Edge Quilting Acrylic Plastic Strip Ruler 90 degree or 45 degree


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Quilting Ruler 2 1/2" Strip Ruler made for Bali Pops Jelly Rolls Story Strips, Roll Ups, Personally cut 2 1/2 inch quilt fabrics cut into any length needed.

    • Glider for measuring Quilt Fabrics
    • channel guide for accurate cutting
    • Cuts up Jelly Rolls Bali Pops Story Strips Roll Ups Personally cut 2 1/2" Quilt Fabric Strips etc.
    • Ruler marks from 1/8" to 13"
    • lockable guilder
    • 90 degree end will cut any length to 14 inches
    • 45 degree end with 1/4" seam allowance diamonds parallelograms binding cut to 45 degree
    • cut many layer at one time we tested up to 12 layers with a sharp blade
    • parallelograms can also be cut using this ruler
    • To assemble our ruler.
    • Peel paper off the two pieces of acrylic.
    • Lay the orange small square beveled side away from ruler in between the ridges on the one side of ruler.
    • Place bolt though the hole and slot on the ruler then add wing nut tighten as desired. Ruler is ready for use 

2 1/2 Quilting Acrylic Plastic Strip Ruler 90 degree or 45

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