Precision Quilting Tools Fusing Mat 17" x 24"

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Precision Quilting Tools
*The Fusamat is designed to be slightly tacky so that your pieces stay in place without slipping and your mat does not move on your ironing surface
* It means you can break your applique into smaller units that are easier to manage because you now have very good accuracy of placement since the mat is transparent.
* Because there is no migration of the fusible it stays put on the fabric and does not exhaust the fusible so can be heated again and again
* You can heat the Fusamat up to 536 degrees Fahrenheit (280 degrees Celsius) with no distortion of the mat – making it very safe to use

You can fuse directly onto the Fusamat without the fear of sticking fusible onto places you don’t want it - like your iron and/or ironing board

Available in two sizes:  12" x 18" size and 17" x 24"

Precision Quilting Tools Fusing Mat 17 x 24

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