Mettler Silk-Finish 40wt Solid Cotton Thread 500yd/457M Ash Mist

SKU: 9135-0331

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SILK-FINISH is 100% long staple Egyptian cotton, 40wt, 457m(500yds). Areas of application: QUILTING-for creative quilting with especially soft seams and great effects. Product Features: High quality cotton- High quality cotton thread made of 100% long staple Egyptian cotton. Soft sheen of the natural cotton. The natural fibre is gentle on the skin. Feels soft, smooth, and silk-like. Mercerization Due to the mercerization process of the cotton, QUILTING reaches a high breaking resistance, has reduced shrinkage and is ironing resistant. Weight of the quilting thread (No. 40)- QUILTING is slightly thicker and therefore shows more beautiful decorative effects. Optimal sewability- Due to its especially soft quality, QUILTING is optimally suitable for machine quilting yet at the same time it has excellent qualities for quilting by hand.

Silk Finish 40wt Ash Mist 9135 0331 Mettler#5

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