LDH Imperial Scissors - 6" - Dragon & Phoenix


Sale price$27.99


With a dragon and phoenix moulded on the handles, our Imperial Scissors feature an engineered button and the ultra-sharp blades!


The blades are crafted from heavy-duty stainless steel and are put together by hand.

Multiple Sizes

Just like the majority of our products, we are the only manufacturer that carries 5 different sizes. The sizes you see above are the size of the whole scissor, including the handle.

Comfortable Handles

The handles are large enough to fit all hand sizes and the blades are perfectly aligned, which allows them to cut through thick layers of fabric effortlessly. They are also designed for use in both the right and left hand with its ambidextrous handles.


They can be used for cutting paper, thread, fabric, leather, or vinyl. It's the perfect scissors for everyday use, or even as a display piece! 

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