Adams Pant Sewing Class


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Welcome to the Adams Pant Sewing Class (9 Hours )

 Please register for Class 1 and you will be registered in all subsequent classes.

Class 1, 2, 3 3 hours each, sewing and homework

Your teacher is Tracy Adams but no, the pants are not named after her! No relation whatsoever but after she made these pants, she felt like they were made for her! They fit soooo nicely!  The store sample is made in size 14.

Options for this pattern include a regular waistband with back darts (as the sample in store), or a regular waistband in the front combined with elastic in the back waistband.  The front fly can have a zipper, or exposed buttons. 

The two best things about this pattern are:

1. The pocket bag pieces are cut to go all the way across the front to the fly - awesome for keeping bellies looking flatter!

2. Waistband pattern piece is curved - so it follows your body’s contours, sitting way better than a waistband that is cut out in a rectangular shape.

This pant pattern is suitable for many woven fabric types and weights from Denim or heavy twill, to linen, to quilting cotton.  The sample was made in wideback quilting cotton.  

The PDF pattern must be purchased separately online:


This pattern has an inclusive size range of 0-34

See size charts and advice for choosing the right size here:

The pattern can be printed on 8 ½ x 11” sheets to be taped together

See page 11 of the pattern instructions to see which pages you need to print for your required pattern pieces (depending on your fly and waistband options) and make sure that the pages are PRINTED AT 100% or “No scaling”. The first page has a box to check the measurements to ensure the pattern is printing out at 100%

Supplies to bring to class:

  • Pattern printed at 100% (measure the box on the first page of the pattern to confirm that it printed out to the correct measurements)

  • If you are comfortable taping the pattern together before the first class, go ahead and do so.  If you prefer to wait until the first class to be shown how to tape the pattern pieces together, that is fine too.  

    • If you know what size you want to make, you can cut out your pattern pieces ahead of time. If you would like help in measuring your body, or want advice on what size to choose, or need to grade between sizes (e.g. your waist measures one size and your hips measure another size) then you can wait until the first class to get that help. 

  • Tape 

  • Sewing machine including regular foot and zipper foot

  • Serger (Optional)

  • Pins

  • Thread

  • Scissors (fabric and paper)

  • Fabric - for garment sewing always pre wash your fabric as you intend to wash the garment afterwards. *see note below 

  • Fabric for pocket bag (if different) 0.5m

  • Fusible interfacing for waistband 0.5m

  • Zipper 7” regular or 5 buttons (¾” / 19mm) for front fly

  • Optional: 1 ½” wide elastic for back waistband 

*As with all garments, we recommend first sewing it in a muslin or inexpensive cotton fabric (even old sheets) to test the fit.  That way  you can make any necessary adjustments to the pattern before cutting into your good fabric.  Or if you are around size 14, come try on the sample to see if you need any pattern adjustments!  :)

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