Delivery Instructions - Vision 2.0

Preparing for your Gammill Delivery - Vision 18, 22, 26 or 30

Before your machine arrives:

  1. Verify the room size where your machine will be installed.  Recommended room size requirements are the following:
    1. For a 10’ table: 12’ 7” length by 8’ 6” to 9’ width
    2. For a 12’ table: 14’ 7” length by 8’ 6” to 9’ width
    3. For a 14’ table: 16’ 7” length by 8’ 6” to 9’ width
    4. Consider the orientation of your machine.  The system is not easily turned around if not properly oriented at setup.
  1. Confirm that the table can be brought into your desired room.
    1. Can a 10’ – 14’ table that is 6” wide get through the hallway, around corners or up/down the stairs without any problems?  Use a 2” x 6” board the length of the table you ordered or measuring tape to confirm BEFORE DELIVERY IS SCHEDULED.
    2. If you ordered a Vision 18 on a HomePro stand, you will need to be able to get a 10’ – 12’ table that is 24” wide through the hallway, around corners or up/down the stairs without any problems.
    3. If the table must go through a window or other special requirements are needed to get the table into your room, please provide help on the day of the delivery and inform the dealership of any special requirements BEFORE DELIVERY IS SCHEDULED.
  1. Your machine will be delivered via a pickup truck and cargo trailer.  This unit is approximately 30 feet long, so please try to move vehicles in front of your house to make room on delivery day.
  1. Confirm that your room has enough power to use the machine.  A 110V dedicated outlet with a 15 amp breaker is best.
  1. Confirm that you have a surge protector with a Joule rating over 2000 and a 16 gauge extension cord 10’ or longer.  The machine will plug into the surge protector at the centre of the table.
  1. Have all necessary supplies been ordered?  There is no extra delivery charge for additional items being delivered at the time your Gammill is delivered.  All supplies must be ordered before the scheduled delivery date.  Some accessories may take several weeks to arrive from the USA, so please discuss with your dealer to ensure you get everything you need to go with your Gammill.



Preparing for your Gammill Delivery - Vision 18, 22, 26 or 30

Delivery Day:

  1. Delivery and installation time can be between 3 and 6 hours.  Each delivery is different, depending on what was ordered and the ease of access to the room.  For example, if hydraulics were ordered for your Gammill table, it will extend the time of delivery by one hour.  If the table has to be taken apart completely to be able to get it into the room in which it is being set up, it will also extend the time.
  1. Make sure to have two one-metre lengths of fabric and a yard of batting cut and ready so that the technician can test the machine and explain how to load a quilt (please plan to use scrap fabric so you are not learning on a finished quilt top).  The technician will also explain oiling and threading the machine and all the basic functions.   Your primary instruction will be in your in-store training sessions and DVD’s.
  1. The final payment for you Gammill is DUE IN FULL ON THE DAY OF DELIVERY by cashier's cheque, bank draft or certified cheque. Arrangements may be made for credit card payment for an additional charge of 3% (3% charge does not apply your deposit payment). To pay by personal or business cheque, please ensure the cheque is certified. Please do not send payment by mail.

Thank you for taking the time to read this information.  If you have questions after reading this information, please phone Cottage Quilting at 250-860-1120 to clarify before your machine arrives.  We want you to be comfortable and confident about your new Gammill!  Remember, we are always available in the future for support, supplies, to answer question and other concerns.  


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