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1" (25mm) Metal D-Ring1" (25mm) Metal D-Ring
1" (25mm) Metal D-Ring
Sale price$3.04
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5/8" (16mm) Trigger Hook5/8" (16mm) Trigger Hook
5/8" (16mm) Trigger Hook
Sale price$2.84
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1/2" (12mm) Metal D-Ring1/2" (12mm) Metal D-Ring
1/2" (12mm) Metal D-Ring
Sale price$2.79
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Invisible Sew-in Magnet Snaps 3/4" Studio Kat Designs
3/4" Hidden Magnetic Snap
3/4" Hidden Magnetic Snap
Sale price$5.99
5/8" (16mm) Twist Lock5/8" (16mm) Twist Lock
5/8" (16mm) Twist Lock
Sale price$5.99
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1" (25mm) Square Ring1" (25mm) Square Ring
1" (25mm) Square Ring
Sale price$2.74
1/2" (12mm) Purse Feet1/2" (12mm) Purse Feet
1/2" (12mm) Purse Feet
Sale price$0.98
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5/8" (16mm) Magnetic Purse Snap / Closure
1" (25mm) Slide Buckle - Pair
Rectangle Ring Flat 1in Nickel Set of TwoRectangle Ring Flat 1in Nickel Set of Two
1" (25mm) Roller Buckle1" (25mm) Roller Buckle
1" (25mm) Roller Buckle
Sale priceFrom $2.17
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1" (25mm) Slide Buckle1" (25mm) Slide Buckle
1" (25mm) Slide Buckle
Sale priceFrom $2.04
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5/8" (16mm) Push Gate Swivel "Bullet" Hook5/8" (16mm) Push Gate Swivel "Bullet" Hook
3/8" (10mm) Trigger Hook3/8" (10mm) Trigger Hook
3/8" (10mm) Trigger Hook
Sale price$2.84
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1" (25mm) Flat D-Ring1" (25mm) Flat D-Ring
1" (25mm) Flat D-Ring
Sale price$3.14
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1/2" (12mm) Slide Buckle1/2" (12mm) Slide Buckle
1/2" (12mm) Slide Buckle
Sale price$2.19
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3/8" (10mm) Slide Buckle3/8" (10mm) Slide Buckle
3/8" (10mm) Slide Buckle
Sale price$2.04
3/4" (20mm) Metal D-Ring3/4" (20mm) Metal D-Ring
3/4" (20mm) Metal D-Ring
Sale price$2.99
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5/8" (16mm) Metal D-Ring5/8" (16mm) Metal D-Ring
5/8" (16mm) Metal D-Ring
Sale price$2.89
2" (50mm) Metal O-Ring.2" (50mm) Metal O-Ring.
2" (50mm) Metal O-Ring.
Sale price$2.79
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1 1/4" (31mm) Metal O-Ring.1 1/4" (31mm) Metal O-Ring.
1 1/4" (31mm) Metal O-Ring.
Sale price$2.59
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9/16" (14mm) Magnetic Purse Snap / Closure9/16" (14mm) Magnetic Purse Snap / Closure