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This lecture offers quilters and other creatives a chance to learn all about batting, and to possibly WIN FREE BATTING!

 This lecture covers:

  • the questions we ask quilters to assist them in narrowing down the many batting choices to what’s ‘best’ for achieving the results they desire;
  • the various fiber types, and pros and (potential) cons of each type;
  • what we recommend for specific use cases (modern quilts, charity quilts, art quilts, wall hangings, runners, throws, etc.);
  • proper use and care of battings and quilts;
  • tips and tricks for best results;
  • and, a bit of fun! 

The lecture is appx. 1.5 hours in length, depending on if questions are asked during the lecture or we hold all questions until the end, in which case I’m happy to offer time afterwards for a Q&A session. 

This is a ZOOM presentation, please register for this class and 1 day prior to the class we will send you a copy of your zoom link.   We will be recording this session and will provide everyone with access to the recorded link so if you cannot make the 2pm time frame, don't worry, we've got you covered!   Only those registered will receive a copy of the recording.

Presenter: Stephanie Hackney/
Dir. of Sales & Marketing, Craft & Retail Division
Hobbs Bonded Fibers

About Stephanie

Stephanie is responsible for sales of Hobbs? craft & retail products, and for all marketing activities centered around the Hobbs Batting brand, including educating quilters and other creatives on the products Hobbs manufactures.

Stephanie has shared her batting expertise through in-person lectures at most major quilt industry events, including Quilt Market, and she continues to share this knowledge virtually.

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