Vision 2.0 - Gammill 18" Long Arm - FLOOR MODEL!

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This floor model is on a 6' frame - If you would like a larger frame, you will need to contact Gammill accordingly - they will ship to you.  We've left this up the customers decision as each individual is unique.  You may be happy with the smaller frame as well. 

This machine has been on our floor for two years and is available for customers to try.  It is in gently used category, well maintained and in wonderful working order!!

Used machines do not include warranty (however with that said, Gammill will most likely honor any warranty parts should you require any - but we cannot guarantee anything 100% - but rest assured these machines last forever!), training, delivery or set up but is available.


The Vision 2.0 is Gammill's long-lasting, dependable, quality quilting machine.  All of our pricing is in Canadian Pricing to you!  

Easy-to-use, touch-screen controls and the latest in stitching technology, combined with proven reliability, make Gammill® the choice of beginners, seasoned quilters, hobbyists, and professionals alike. With exceptional features, sturdy, die-cast aluminum sewing head, lifetime mechanical warranty, and unparalleled customer service, it is easy to see why quilters have been choosing Gammill® for more than 30 years.

Stitch with Ease & Accuracy The Vision 2.0 includes four standard stitching modes with touch-screen control to adjust speed and stitch length.

Stitch Regulate: Control stitch length. Set the stitch length and let the machine do the work for you.

Coast Regulate: Control stitch length during faster movement. However, during fine detailed work, the machine automatically switches to constant speed to let you complete micro work with smaller stitches without stopping to change settings.

Constant Speed: Control stitch length on your own. The machine stitches at a steady speed that you set so your movement of the head controls your stitch length.

Baste: Take long stitches to temporarily hold the layers of the quilt together for stabilizing. This allows you to quickly secure an area or stabilize an entire quilt.

Vision™ 2.0 Standard Features

  • Touch-Screen Control
  • 10.1” touch-screen tablet with swivel mount
  • Four Stitching Modes
  • Stitch Regulate, Coast Regulate, Constant, Baste
  • My Stitch™ Buttons
  • Four programmable handle buttons
  • Program with a touch of the screen

Save your favorite modes and settings for instant electronic access

  • Single stitch
  • Needle position
  • Start/Stop stitching
  • Automatic tie-off mode
  • Adjust speed/stitches per inch up or down
  • Horizontal and vertical channel lock

Sturdy Head and Table

  • Durable cast aluminum and steel machine head
  • All-steel, industrial grade table with pivotal access (22-10 and larger)
  • Gammill Breeze® Track System
  • Long-lasting steel bearings

Additional Standard Features

  • Horizontal and vertical channel locks with touch-screen control
  • Advanced thread break sensor
  • Bobbin thread meter, time clock, and stitch counter
  • Front or rear laser with electronically adjustable intensity
  • Built-in diagnostic system
  • On-board bobbin winder
  • LED light fixture with black light
  • Large M size bobbin
  • Tie-off stitches

Your Choice of Frame Size

  • 8' (special order) 10', 12', 14' 
  • Your frame size does not change your pricing!


All new Gammill® machines come with a lifetime mechanical warranty against defective materials and/or workmanship, one-year tablet warranty, three-year electrical parts warranty, and two-year in-shop labor warranty. The Gammill® warranty also covers commercial use of the machines.

Installation and Freight not included in pricing

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